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As a dancer and actor, Barbara Bruno developed an appreciation for the physical skills of professional football while still in her teens. The excitement of competition, the uplifting experience of cheering on the underdog and the mental challenge of game strategy followed in short order and she was hooked on the NFL! After years of trouncing the amateur competition Bruno founded her own internet company: The site provided Pro Football commentary, picks for every game of the season and a monthly commentary on the league.

A graduate of the Directors’ Guild of America Training Program, Barbara Bruno has been a member of the Guild since 1985. Prior to that, Ms. Bruno received a Master’s Degree in Theatre (concentration directing and acting) from the Pennsylvania State University. While pursuing two Bachelor’s Degrees at The College of William and Mary in Virginia she acted and directed within their theatre department. She gained experience with dramas, musicals, and The Virginia Shakespeare Festival. Her stage career began in dance, where she performed and choreographed in styles ranging from classical ballet, to modern dance and musical theatre, culminating in a stint as assistant choreographer at The Utah Shakespearean Festival.

After moving into film and television through the DGA’s program, Ms. Bruno worked in production for 15 years. She has run the set and also often helped to produce for commercials, television dramas and comedies, over 30 made for television movies and many feature films. Her resume includes “Broadcast News”, “Clue”, “Sweet Dreams”, stunt units for “The Hunt for Red October” and “For the Boys”. Some television highlights are “The Jesse Owens Story”, “Space”, “L. A. Law” and “Wings”.

During her time in Hollywood, Barbara also directed primary and secondary action during principal photography, stunt units, promotional shoots, special effects sequences, and many reshoots, in addition to serving as the coach and “ghost” director for numerous first timers.

Ms. Bruno returned to acting when she lived in New York from 2000-2007. In addition to the de rigeur appearance on Law and Order and other series, she has performed for multiple Manhattan theatres in roles ranging from the severely dysfunctional to the comically twisted. She is currently onscreen in film festivals around the country as soccer-mom-turned-terrorist “Wendy” in the black comedy Love ‘N Stuff and as a poverty stricken dying mother in Ice Cream, a social drama about race and economics. You could also catch her on TV extolling the virtues of Pfizer’s Celebrex – before it was discovered that the drug could kill you!

Barbara is also an avid writer, having completed a film script, a mini-series and a multi-media musical based on the life of Sally Rand – the woman who invented the infamous fan dance! When not working on her own projects, Barbara writes grants and teaches for the non-profit agency Streetlights, which trains inner city young adults to be Production Assistants in the film industry.

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Resume Highlights

Owner-Analyst (2002-2007)

… a website dedicated to enhancing game-watching enjoyment for Pro Football fans. This was accomplished through in-depth breakdowns of teams, players, key matchups of offense / defense / special teams / coaching styles – and yes, by picking the games.

I predicted every game every week from pre-season through the Pro Bowl. Subscriptions and consistent, repeat advertising generated revenue which grew steadily every year. At the forefront of the blogging phenomenon, the site built from the ground up to several hundred pages of extensive analysis, an average of 100,000 page views per month (triple that from October through January) and high search engine rankings under “football pool”, “football picks”, “NFL picks” and “NFL pool” keywords .

Film Expertise

Ms. Bruno’s 20 years of production experience began by completing the highly competitive Assistant Directors’ Training Program and she has been a member of the Directors’ Guild of America since 1985. Barbara has created the schedules, overseen the budgets and captained the sets for both television programs and feature films: from credit card commercials to sitcoms to Broadcast News. Her motto is: “You can’t scare me – I sunk the Red October!”

Grant writer/Film Teacher/Administrator for multiple non-profit agencies
As a teacher and career mentor for Streetlights Production Assistant Program, Barbara taught film production classes, also finding entertainment industry and union apprentice jobs for graduates. For an international charity she coordinated all administrative activities for the fund-raising arm and ran the U.S. sale and distribution of products created by the non-profit’s participants.

Stunt Sequence Organizer/ Manager

experienced in sequences for Westerns, Helicopters, Motor Vehicles, Fire, Pyrotechnics, Combat, Open Water and Blue Screen/Process photography, Movie Magic Scheduling, SCUBA diving, horseback riding.

Actor / Dancer

Classically trained ballet dancer and actor with 20 years of experience in numerous dance styles as well as New York and Regional Theatre credits.

Download Barbara Bruno’s full resume

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