NFL Playoff Picks 2009 Divisional

JANUARY 10-11, 2009 – NFL Divisional Playoff Picks

Part I – Hits and Misses

January 8, 2009

As we proceed with playoff prognostications perhaps we should look back and peruse my record thus far this season. Let’s start with the big picture predictions made in September:
NFC East
Division Winner: New York Giants
NFC Wildcards: Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys
Not too bad – 2 out of three predictions were correct. Good start.

NFC South
Carolina wins the division.

NFC West
I’ll go with the Seahawks one more year – but the Niners are closing the gap.
Uh-oh. Well, who saw the Cardinals coming?

NFC North
Minnesota Vikings.
Yeah, I know they started slowly, but now they have a veteran QB and the complete package on defense. Look out Aaron Rodgers – Jared Allen’s coming for you.

Not too bad on the NFC, all things considered. Moving on the American Conference –

AFC West
San Diego, although the Broncos have an early lead.
Hurray! The streak continues!

AFC North
Steelers – I think the Oline will improve as the season progresses
When you’re hot you’re hot!

AFC South
Division Winner: Tennessee
Wildcard: Indy (the Jags just don’t have enough of a passing game yet)
Gee, I’m blushing

AFC East
Division Winner: Bills
Wildcard: Jets

And we come to a screeching halt in my success. Sigh. Still, that’s a total of eight correct picks. Not too shabby.

As for last week’s contests:

Straight Up: Cardinals – Despite the matchup problems, I think leadership gives Arizona a chance at home.
Spread: Arizona +2.5
Over/Under: 51 – I have to go with the over since I think the only way Arizona can win is to score EXTREMELY frequently

Hurray! Three for three. But just when I was sure prescience was mine:

Straight Up: Indy – they are just too consistent over the past 2 months
Spreads: Even
Over/Under: 51 – over unless it rains – check the weather in the morning

Ugh. Not so good.

Straight Up: Despite the fact that Baltimore’s defense is going to make Chad’s life hell on Sunday I’m going with the very savvy Pennington over rookie Flacco – who will probably see a whole lot of Miami’s Joey Porter in this contest.
Spread: Miami +3.5 – gotta love the home underdog
Over/Under: 37.5 – both teams run the ball and throw only judiciously – two very good defenses. Under.

Well, turns out the Ravens’ defense WAS that good and I continue to be shocked that Chad P. threw FOUR interceptions! And apparently Baltimore’s Oline is a stout unit (no pun intended) flying under the radar since neither Joey Porter nor anyone else bothered rookie Flacco enough to flap him in the least. Of course, I’m starting to think it takes a lot to flap that young man. But at least we got the “under.”

Straight Up: Eagles – they have more experience and are the more complete team – except for that lack of a power rush thing.
Spread: Philly –3.0
Over/Under: 42.5 – I don’t think the offenses will run rampant against two good and opportunistic defenses.

Now that’s more like it! Except for that under/over miscalculation. Hmmm.

Onward to the Divisional Playoffs!

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